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USB-C Cable for AirMini / AirSense 11 / AirSense 10 / Z2 Auto

USB-C Cable for AirMini / AirSense 11 / AirSense 10 / Z2 Auto

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Conveniently provides power to your AirMini, AirSense 10 & 11, or Z2 Auto using portable battery or wall charger. Untether yourself from the need to find the wall plug.

Special Notes:

Certain battery manufacturers have incorporated a "voltage limit chip" (or Smart-IQ ports) into their battery designs, aiming to anticipate the maximum voltage needed by devices upon connection. However, due to the fluctuating voltage requirements of CPAP machines at different stages, there is a possibility that these batteries or chargers might inaccurately estimate the necessary voltage, resulting in a disruption of power supply from the battery. It's worth noting that high-capacity batteries like Ankers, Baesus, and Apple chargers are among those that could potentially experience this issue.


Batteries Recommendations:

  • HenHot 65w / 20000 mAh:

  • Shargeek 130W / 20000 mAh:

  • Use battery with 60 - 65W output
    When taking off the mask, AirMini (with SmartStop ON) requires more power to spin up the motor for max air output. Battery with less than 60 - 65W of output cannot provide sufficient power and will briefly interrupt the power to AirMini. This is normal behavior.

  • Use battery with more than 20000mA (74Wh)
    This will provide 10 - 14 hours of usage time for AirMini. Depends on user’s average air pressure.


Models Comparisons:

Standard - Supports AirMini ONLY. Overheat, over pressure, and reverse polarity protections.

Pro - Same physical specifications and protections as Standard version. With enough input power, it can achieve maximum 65W output power. Supports both AirMini and AirSense 11.

S10 - Same physical specifications and protections as Standard version. Only work with AirSense 10



Length: 28cm cables on both sides

Input Connector: USB Type-C

Output Connector: AirMini or AirSense 11

Power: Minimum 24V/0.83A (Standard). Maximum 24V/2.7A (Pro)


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